Ski Skirts

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Let me just say, “I love my ski skirt!”  I feel modest and feminine, yet appropriate at the same time.  I was very active in many sports at school.  I didn’t mind wearing skirts for church and even liked dressing up “girly” for special occasions.  But in general, I was fine wearing sweat pants and a T-shirt. You could even find me dressed like this at the mall.  Basically, I liked to dress for comfort.

As a teenager I decided to make some changes in my wardrobe.  When I was sixteen, I felt the Lord working on my heart after attending Youth Conference.  One year later, I filled a black garbage bag full of jeans and shorts and privately threw them away. I had made a huge decision to dress feminine that certainly changed my entire life, but I tried not to make a big deal about it. One thing I knew for sure was that I didn’t want my decision to keep me on the sidelines.

My godly parents were very supportive.  My Mom made me some navy blue culottes to wear for athletics.  (These were my new sweat pants.)  I remember one night before a track meet; my sweet mother was up super late making me yet another pair of navy culottes.  I think she was a little tired.  I ended up with one pocket facing forward and one pocket facing backward.  I was just glad I had something feminine to wear for sports. My new outfit was great for some activities, but didn’t really work for others.

When winter camp came around, I wore that same pair of 100% cotton navy culottes that I wore to every sporting event over my fluffy ski pants.  I didn’t feel like I had any other options.  It was incredibly awkward with people staring at me as my cotton culottes froze stiff and stuck out behind me.  I felt like a gazing stock as I sported that same tired and poorly made pair of culottes down the slopes.  I had made a spiritual decision and was trying to stick to my convictions, but I may have drawn attention to myself in a negative way. I realize we are supposed to be “a peculiar people”, but I want to be different in a positive way that brings honor to my Savior.

At some point I realized that we can be creative and use appropriate fabrics to make nice-looking activewear.  When the second year that winter camp came around my mother made me an adorable, modest ski skirt perfect for the slopes! Her sewing skills had improved and my ski skirt looked great!

Because of the awkwardness I felt as an active teenager, I want to provide my daughters with some good choices for activewear.  I want them to be able to dress modestly and femininely.  I want them to have a variety of stylish options.  Basically, I want them to feel like they can dress right and cute at the same time.  This is especially important to girls who can naturally feel insecure about what they wear.

With some help from my mom and other ladies, I have learned how to sew a bit.  I found the same fabric my mom had used to make my ski skirt and made some ski skirts for my girls.  I made sure they had an entire coordinating ski outfit so they would look nice as they played in the snow.   Part of modesty is the ability to be appropriate for the occasion.   Now I feel appropriate when my girls and I go skiing or snow tubing. I finally feel like I am dressing distinctively different in a positive way!

Ladies do not need to feel embarrassed because they have decided to try to dress godly.  Often we will just “sit out “of an activity because we have nothing appropriate to wear.  If we are not careful, we can throw dignity out the window in the name of dressing modestly. I have been guilty of this. As ambassadors, the way Christian ladies dress should reflect royalty.  I am learning some innovative ways that ladies can get involved, dress modestly, and look great!

I know there is a need for cute and appropriate activewear among Christian ladies. I would like to encourage Christian ladies to to “step up” their activewear with some nice-looking, innovative options.     I hope my story will challenge you to get creative and come up with some fresh ideas for activewear that will bring honor to the name of Christ.  After all, we are all daughters of the King!

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