Sunday School

At New Heights the Sunday School hour is an exciting time for children! Their focus is Scripture memory, song time, and a message from God’s Word, which often focuses on missions and reaching the world for Christ. Children learn to love God and hide his Word in their hearts.

Junior Church

During the main service time, children under the age of 12 have classes to suit their individual needs.

Bible preaching, teaching and singing are important for children as well as adults. Junior Church is an environment where kids are challenged by the Word of God on their level. It’s also a place where children develop friendships with their peers and have opportunities to share their talents with one another, thus preparing them for “big church” in the years ahead.

Preachers, teachers and aides with a commitment to preparation and willingness to sacrifice are carefully selected to help during this time.

Infant Nursery

We offer a clean, comfortable nursery with loving and kind childcare providers. This allows parents the opportunity to listen to the preaching of God’s Word and worship in the service without interruption.

Vacation Bible School

VBS is a very exciting time at New Heights! Our VBS is a one-week event held during the summer. We hold our VBS in the evening so that all can attend.

Last summer our VBS program was The Kingdom Chronicles. The Kingdom Chronicles allowed brave knights and fair maidens to learn how to put on the full armor of God so they can stand strong in the battle for truth.

At each VBS the kid’s love the fun songs, the daily skits, and the games. Plus they’ll learn about the Bible and how to apply it to their daily lives.