New Heights has many opportunities to reach the community around us.  Find a place to serve and help our church get busy in meeting our mission.


The bus ministry of New Heights Baptist Church started when we purchased an old 26-passenger shuttle bus. We started picking up teens that needed a ride to Vacation Bible School. The ministry grew until every seat on the shuttle bus was filled and we needed a bigger bus.

Presently we have one bus that runs a route through the local communities. Many children and teens ride the bus to church every week. So many young people have trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour through the bus ministry!

A handful of faithful workers make sure the regular riders of the bus route get a personal contact every week and a ride to church each Sunday.


Every week the members of New Heights Baptist Church share the good news of salvation and invite dozens of people to church.  Many of the people who presently attend our church were met at their house by a soulwinner and a friendly invitation.  Hundreds of people have trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour through the outreach ministry of door to door soulwinning.


Each Tuesday night a faithful group of caring people send cards, and make phone calls, and make visits as a way to let our community know that we truly care.  If you are sick or have a birthday you will probably get a note from someone in the T.E.A.M. Outreach ministry.

UNM Info Tables

Once a month during the fall and spring semesters New Heights takes a day to set a table up on campus.  We offer free cookies or treats and hand out church information to anyone that will take it.   These days are the primary outreach to the university community and from these information tables we have continued to build our Students Succeeding Together college group.